Friday, August 11, 2017

One Vessel

In a sacred grove
We are fairy nobles
Gleaming golden crowns gilded by kindness
Holding staffs of insight
that glow gently with warmly lit orbs

It is here
The wounded seek us out
And lay their weary burdens at our feet
We offer tenderness fueled by a river of compassion
and seek our kingdom’s treasure in each healing transcendence

In a ​dense and uncharted​ forest
We are ​​weathered adventurers ​
Soaring along the valley's limbs
Jumping off cliffs and gliding like parrots to the ground
We light fires and pound drums and laugh and scream into the face of​ night’s madness​

It is here, you and I
Seek courage in the roar of ​wild things​
Fierce with purpose
Unleashed by powerful breath and
An unbridled heart
Nobly seeking to lead and be led
In the serenity of pools and gardens
We lay and lapse into sheer contentedness
The touch of smooth skinned shoulders
The brush of your coarse beard against my cheek
Peace and tranquility interrupted only by
The bubbling brook of laughter

It is here, you and I
tend to one another gently, devotedly
testing and teasing out the locks of rusting prison doors,
coaxing the tumbling of mountainous fearful walls we built within

In a sacred grove, in an uncharted forest
and among serene pools
Wherever I find myself with you
There is a binding magic
where love pours forth
from one vessel

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